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Animal Rescue

Why do animals need to be rescued?  

Dogs, cats, and rabbits are often abandoned or given up to shelters by their owners for reasons such as allergies, moving, or the cost of keeping the pet. Most pets that are lost or set free as strays find a way to survive outside, however, they end up reproducing more animals that then also have no homes or owners. Some animals are raised in mills that are unsafe and cause permanent damage to the animals. Farm animals are sometimes kept in unhealthy conditions or are given up due to the cost of expensive medical treatment or food.

What types of animals need to be rescued? 

Common pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits and reptiles are found on the streets and in shelters in huge numbers.  Also, there are many farm animals such as horses, pigs, goats and chickens that are not living in safe or protected conditions. (If you are interested in learning about rescuing wildlife animals, you’ll find more about those animals in that section!)

What is an animal shelter or sanctuary? 

An animal shelter or sanctuary is a place where an animal can stay when they don’t have anywhere else to live.  Animals may end up in a shelter or sanctuary if they have been turned in by owners, found on the streets or have been rescued from a situation involving abuse or neglect.  Animal shelters or sanctuaries provide animals with food, water, shelter, medical care and social interaction. A big problem that shelters and sanctuaries have to deal with is that there is never enough room to take in all of the animals that are found or rescued.

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