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See Kids Dream is proud to partner with schools, a wide range of nonprofit organizations and an incredibly generous and mission focused group of people, companies and foundations. It takes all of these supporters to ensure we can engage over 10,000 youth each year, in discovering all the ways that they can make our world a better place. We eagerly welcome supporters at all levels, who value diversity, innovation and results as the metrics of a successful partnership.

Why support service learning?

Our school-based programs give youth unique opportunities to build the skills of success because they are the ones in charge of the project from beginning to end.  They must identify the most pressing community challenge, seek understanding of it, and then develop a plan to make improvement. Through this project, kids develop the skills they need to better decision-makers, critical thinkers, team members and communicators… preparing them for success in any field or future endeavor.

Service Learning has the unique ability to teach the skills of leadership, while also providing insight into the diverse range of people, challenges and resources within a community. Community engagement allows youth to hear many differing perspectives and to recognize that there is often more to a person or a situation, than what meets the eye.  Youth learn they have to ask questions and be a good listener, in order to understand the big picture. An important goal of our programs is to grow youth’s capacity for empathy, in the face of solving problems.

At See Kids Dream, we believe that the challenges that face our communities will best be addressed when the people who are experiencing the challenge are actively engaged in discussions and decision-making regarding a solution.  This is why See Kids Dream’s reserves a majority of our programming for schools in our most under-served communities.  Our goal is to build a community resource of diverse and civically engaged youth, who see themselves as the drivers of positive social impact AND… who remain civically engaged throughout their lives.

Empower the next generation of leaders!

Support Service Learning

Help us bring Service Learning to more kids!

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