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Environmental Conservation

What is Environmental Conservation?

Environmental conservation is the act of preserving natural resources and only using them in a way that has as little negative or damaging effect as possible. Environmental conservation takes place in all environments across the world such as forests, oceans, deserts, and frozen lands.

Why is environmental conservation important?

Environmental conservation is important because it protects the natural resources on our planet, most of which are necessary to support life on Earth.  Examples of natural resources include healthy soil, breathable air, and clean water.  Most of our natural resources come in a limited supply.  Without conservation efforts, natural resources could become completely used up and may not be able to be replaced. 

What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources?

Renewable resources are natural resources that can be used and then replaced.  An example of a renewable resource is trees.  Trees can be cut from a forest to be used as firewood or posts to build a home.  But where the trees were cut down, new ones can be grown again.  And 20 or 30 years later, those trees can also be cut down and used.  A nonrenewable resource is one that cannot ever be replaced, or one that cannot be replaced as quickly as it is used up.  An example of a nonrenewable resource is oil used to make gasoline for cars. It takes millions of years for the earth to turn fossils into oil. So once all of the oil has been pumped from the ground, we will be without oil for another couple million years!

How does environmental conservation take place?

Conservation scientists and advocates frequently work together.  Scientists monitor the growth or depletion of natural resources and make that information available.  Advocates use that information to inform politicians and law makers in an effort to get more laws created that will protect and conserve natural resources. 

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