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Sidewalk Workout

We all know right now that being stuck inside can be hard as we practice physical distancing. With the weather getting nicer, people are getting outside more. So why not create a workout on your sidewalk that your neighbors can do as they are getting some exercise and time outdoors?

Why is it important?

Walking or exercising outside has many benefits for everyone, especially when we are all stuck at home right now. Being outside lets you to get some fresh air. Fresh air helps you have a healthy brain, grow, and heal. It also helps with your concentration, so after working hard on your work, taking a break outside can help you focus better when you return to doing your work. Stress relief is another great benefit of being outside and walking or exercising! There is a lot going on right now and many people are feeling a little anxious about being at home all the time. Being outside and exercising can lift your mood and help you feel more positive.

What supplies do you need?

What steps do you need to take?

  1. Get a piece of paper of paper to write down your plan about what exercises you want to create on the sidewalks. Things to think about when you are creating your plan:
    • Make the exercises fun and easy so a person at any age can do them
    • Make sure you write out instructions on what they are supposed to do
    • Make sure to put them space at least 6 feet apart so that more than one person can be doing them at a time
  2. If you are going to write on the sidewalk in front of your neighbor’s house, check to make sure they don’t care. (call them if you can so you are practicing physical distancing)
  3. One you have you plan together, grab your sidewalk chalk or sidewalk paint and create your workout master piece!

How did it go?

  • Do you come up with some new exercises?
  • What was the best part of the creating your workout plan?
  • How do you think people will feel when they use your project?

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