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  • You can volunteer for the suicide hotline, MUST BE 17 by the time you finish the training.  Each new volunteer receives about 50 hours of training (teens train with adult volunteers). Then new volunteers commit to answering the hotline for one shift per week, for six months.

Who can help: Ages 17 and older.

Contact North Central Mental Health Services under the ‘Contact’ tab on the menu to your left to set up volunteer opportunities or service projects!

What is your organization’s mission statement?


North Central Mental Health’s mission is to provide excellent mental health and recovery services that promote personal growth and dependence while improving the quality of life for the people we serve. Also, to save the lives of persons who might be thinking of attempting to take their own lives.

What population do you serve? 


We serve children, families, adults and older adults who are struggling with mental illness or addiction. We also reach out to teens, adults and older adults who may be thinking of attempting suicide.

How many do you serve in a year? 


We serve over 3,000 patients and we received 8,760 calls on the Suicide Prevention Hotline, Teen Hotline and Senior Line.

What region or area do you provide services in?


We provide services in all of Franklin County.

How and when did the organization get started? 


North Central Mental Health Services started in 1973 when people in the community saw that services were needed for persons with mental illness or drug addiction. Services were also needed to help people work through such crises as: death of a loved one, a divorce or being fired. They applied for money from the federal government to start a new mental health and addiction treatment center. North Central just celebrated its 41st birthday, and we have been operating the suicide prevention hotline and educational program for almost 35 years.


How many employees do you have? 


We have approximately 200 employees.


How many volunteers does your organization have?  (click the “Service Projects” tab to learn more about volunteer opportunities)


We have had about 125 volunteers support our work each year.

How do your programs or services help the community?


We help to save lives by talking people out of attempting suicide. We help persons with mental illness or emotional problems feel better. We educate people in the community about suicide prevention, mental illness, dealing with stress and improving their lives

Program Descriptions 
Suicide Prevention Services: Volunteers answer the suicide prevention hotlines  every day of the year. In addition to the 24-Hour main hotline, there is a hotline for teens and another for older adults. The program staff come to schools, churches and colleges to help people learn the warning signs that mean someone is thinking of attempting suicide and what to do if someone is showing these signs. They also tell students about the hotline.
Adult, Child and Family Counseling: This program helps provide ‘talk therapy’ for adults, couples, children and families. Also can arrange for persons who need medicine or medical care to get it.Elder Focus/ Nurse Outreach: This program helps older adults get mental health treatment, often for depression, and have their physical condition checked. The nurses also see people of other age groups. 

Prevention, Consultation and Education: This program helps people learn about mental illness and stress and how to feel better.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling: This program helps people who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs stop using and stay drug free.

Name: Hannah Thompson

Title: Coordinator, SPS

Organization: North Central Mental Health Services


Work: (614) 299-6600 ext. 2073

1301 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201

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