Mid-Ohio Foodbank

Hands on Work (choose from opportunities described below.)


  • Add labels to food to help identify them or to provide recipes
  • Sort and pack food
  • Work on an assembly line to create care packages for seniors

Who can help: 11 and up

  • Help plant, weed, maintain, and harvest a community garden

Who can help: Anyone!

Organize a Fundraiser


Plan a fundraiser to help raise money to support the Foodbank.  Anything as small as a bake sale or lemonade stand can help.

Who can help: Anyone!

Run a Collection Drive


Coordinate a food drive among classmates, neighbors, or family. For a list of most needed items, click on the “Wish List” tab on the left of this page.

Who can help: Anyone!

Volunteer at a Fundraising Event


Volunteer at an existing fundraising event. Help is always needed to set up, clean, or provide help during an event.

Who can help: Call our office for more details

Conduct an Social Media Campaign


Get the word out on Twitter or Instagram about the good work the Foodbank is doing.  Talk about the number of meals that were provided on a specific day or promote an upcoming event.

Who can help: Anyone!

Contact Mid-Ohio Foodbank under the ‘Contact’ tab on the menu to your left to set up volunteer opportunities or service projects!

What is your organization’s mission statement?


Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s mission is to end hunger one nourishing meal at a time and co-create a sustainable community where everyone thrives. 

What population do you serve? 


Mid-Ohio Foodbank helps feed hungry individuals in Ohio. Mid-Ohio Foodbank works with grocers, food companies, farmers, the USDA, and other community partners to obtain food and distribute it to individuals at food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, after-school programs, and senior housing sites.


How many do you serve in a year? 


Mid-Ohio Foodbank provides food to more than half a million people living in central and eastern Ohio every year.

What region or area do you provide services in?


Mid-Ohio Foodbank serves people living in central and eastern Ohio. The Foodbank helps distribute food to more than 625 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, after-school programs, and senior housing sites in the area.

How and when did the organization get started? 


Operation Feed Foodbank opened in April 1980 and distributed 205,200 pounds of food in its first year. When Operation Feed had more than 60 member food pantries, it moved to a 10,000 square foot warehouse in 1981. 

In 1986, Operation feed officially became Mid-Ohio Food Bank (now Foodbank) and moved to a larger warehouse on West Mound Street. The organization started a formal volunteer program in 1987 to engage the community and fight against hunger. In the program’s first year, more than 500 volunteers donated 10,000 hours. In 2011, Mid-Ohio Foodbank distributed more than 40 million pounds of food for the first time.


How many employees do you have? 


We have a small group of employees to help with operations and fundraising.


How many volunteers does your organization have?  (click the “Service Projects” tab to learn more about volunteer opportunities)


Mid-Ohio Foodbank has around 13,000 volunteers helping them end hunger in the community.

How do your programs or services help the community?


Mid-Ohio Foodbank helps individuals living in central and eastern Ohio struggling with hunger. Sixty-nine percent of the people Mid-Ohio Foodbank helps have had to choose between food and utilities. Fifty-five percent of people served by Mid-Ohio Foodbank have had to choose between food and paying rent or mortgage. Mid-Ohio Foodbank helps individuals who are struggling to make ends meet because its vision is a hunger-free and healthier community.

Program Descriptions 


Urban Farms of Central Ohio (UFCO): aims to utilize vacant land to feed hungry communities. The program transforms vacant, underutilized land into community farms. These community farms aim to increase access to fresh, healthy foods for low-income, food insecure residents.

Produce Express: helps Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s partner agencies provide fresh fruits and vegetables to individuals in need on a regular basis. This fresh produce delivery program services emergency feeding pantries and soup kitchens.

Produce Markets: also helps provide food to those in need. These markets are free to community members and are put on by Mid-Ohio Foodbank and select partnering agencies. At these markets, a Foodbank truck typically delivers at least 10,000 pounds of food (fresh produce, bread, and bakery products). 

Community Garden: provides a hands-on opportunity for families in need, as well as community volunteers, to learn about how to grow food, eat better, and manage their food budgets. This garden, which sits outside of Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s Kroger Community Pantry, has around 1,400 square feet of growing space and has contributed more than 6,000 pounds of produce for the emergency food system.

BackPack: provides a rotating menu of easy to prepare, nutritious food for children and their families. Food from Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s warehouse is delivered to school sites. The food is then divided and placed in bags. The amount of groceries sent home is based on a family of four and includes shelf-stable food along with bread and fresh produce when available.

Kroger Community Pantry: offers non-perishable products, frozen meats, dairy products, fresh produce, and bread to those in need. This choice-model pantry is located at the Foodbank’s Brookham Drive location in Grove City and aims to help the meet the needs of the growing community, while also serving as a learning lab to improve best practices in emergency feeding services for Mid-Ohio Foodbank and its partner agencies.

Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s Wishlist:

  • Chili with beans
  • Canned fruit (in juice or light syrup)
  • Tuna
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned meat
  • Soup with vegetables
  • Peanut Butter

Name: Stephanie Warner

Organization: Mid-Ohio Foodbank

Email: swarner@midohiofoodbank.org

Work: (614) 277-3663

3960 Brookham Dr.
Grove City, Ohio 43123