The Buckeye Ranch

Hands on Work (choose from opportunities described below.)


  • Volunteer at a Fundraising Event

Who can help: Anyone!

Organize a Fundraiser


Group “friendraisers” can include any type of activity the group chooses to help raise money to donate to The Buckeye Ranch. Examples are organize a run or walk, a bake sale, a car wash, a pet fashion show, etc.

Who can help: Anyone!


Conduct a Social Media Advocacy/ Awareness Campaign


Get the word out on Twitter or Instagram about upcoming fundraising events for The Buckeye Ranch.

Who can help: Anyone!

Contact The Buckeye Ranch under the ‘Contact’ tab on the menu to your left to set up volunteer opportunities or service projects!

What is your organization’s mission statement?


The Buckeye Ranch provides healing services to the children and youth of Central Ohio to help restore hope.

What population do you serve? 


We primarily serve youth in the Central Ohio region.


How many do you serve in a year? 


We help hundreds of youth and teen each year with a range of programs and services.

What region or area do you provide services in?


We provide services to teen and youth in the Central Ohio region.

How and when did the organization get started? 


In the 1950’s an organization known as the Women’s Juvenile Service Board operated in Central Ohio.  These dedicated women made it their mission to support causes that ultimately strengthened the youth of the Central Ohio community.  In 1961 this became the Buckeye Boys Ranch, now known as The Buckeye Ranch.


How many employees do you have? 


We have a small staff and Board of Directors.


How many volunteers does your organization have?  (click the “Service Projects” tab to learn more about volunteer opportunities)


We rely on thousands of volunteers every year to help with fundraising, activities, programs and services.

How do your programs or services help the community?


The teens and youth at The Buckeye Ranch are provided services specifically designed to help them become successful within their families, schools and communities.

Program Descriptions 


Community Based Programs: We provide educational and social services to teen and youth within the community that may be struggling with a mental health or substance abuse issue.

Foster Care: Our program provides foster parenting for children from infancy through 18.  

Residential Services: This program is designed to give teens and youth a designated home-away-from-home to receive counseling and support as they deal with a difficult issue.

Other Programs and Services: The Buckeye Ranch offers many other programs designed to support teen and youth going through mental health or substance abuse issues, or those in a transition in their life.


Name: Kenneth Jackson

Organization: The Buckeye Ranch


Work: (614) 539-6638

5665 Hoover Road
Grove City, Ohio 43123

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