Adult Illness

Adult Illness


What is adult illness?

There are many types of illnesses or health problems that affect adults in the United States.  Some illnesses are life-threatening and can occur without warning, such as a stroke or heart attack. Other illnesses such as lung disease or diabetes are also life-threatening, however, these diseases usually show symptoms and after people find out they have the disease, with the help of their doctor and medicines, they can usually take steps to prolong their life. 


What are the most serious adult illnesses?

While any health problem is serious, the ones that cause the most deaths are considered to be the most serious.  In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death among adults, followed by cancer, stroke, lung disease and Alzheimer’s disease.  


Who is affected by adult illness?

Unfortunately, any adult is at risk of becoming seriously ill, however, based on records from the Centers for Disease Control, the older a person is, the higher their chances are of having one or more serious illness. Other factors are also believed to increase the risk of getting some of these illnesses, such as having a family history of one of these diseases or living an unhealthy lifestyle.


What can be done to stop these illnesses? 

The reason why many of these illnesses take so many lives is because we still do not know enough about how to prevent or cure these illnesses. That is why many scientists and doctors work for organizations that conduct research on these diseases. With every new medicine that is discovered and every new detection or prevention method that is identified, doctors and scientists are able to save more lives. As these new discoveries are made, organizations share the information on the new treatments with patients and doctors across the world.


How can you help?

Anyone who has just found out they have a serious illness will likely begin new routines with medicine, doctor’s appointments and possibly hospital stays. With so many things changing, one of the best thing you can do to help someone in this situation is to let them know you care and to support them while they work to overcome their illness. 

Find organizations that address this cause

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