Community Lab – Elementary

Community Lab is a project-based service learning curriculum that can be implemented in classrooms in grades 3-5. Student voice and choice is a critical element driving students’ engagement as they identify community issues, conduct research to better understand community problems and then develop and implement an approach to help. Curriculum is aligned to ELA Common Core state standards and is easily adapted to accommodate a range of learners and teaching objectives. The curriculum can be delivered as a once-a-week activity, across the school year or it can be delivered in a concentrated format, as part of a unit of study incorporating research, writing or speaking and listening skills. Supporting web-based research tools and service learning book lists extend the learning opportunities. At the conclusion of the program, students have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning by showcasing their work at a community event and sharing their story with other students and adult community leaders. Thanks to our generous donors, See Kids Dream provides all professional development, curriculum, program materials, online learning resources, community events and fundraising processing and logistics at no cost to schools. Additionally, See Kids Dream staff provides ongoing direct support to staff.