See Kids Dream offers three different service learning programs. Each of these programs follow the nationally recognized model of service learning, but vary in their depth of different elements, based upon the method of program delivery (classroom-based, extra-curricular or after-school). The steps in each of the programs are as follows.

  • Identify community issues they care about
  • Conduct research to become informed about the issue
  • Make decisions about how to help and develop a plan to take action (this can include donating student-raised funds and/or volunteering in community service)
  • Conduct reflection activities across the project to increase the efficacy of the learning taking place
  • Demonstrate their learning through See Kids Dream sponsored events or through other activities

According to the staff reported data that See Kids Dream collects each year from program facilitators, our service learning programs provide positive outcomes for students in areas of critical thinking, problem-solving, speaking and listening skills, research and observation skills, civic engagement, leadership and teamwork.