Columbus Metropolitan Library

Run a Collection Drive


You can collect and donate school supplies to be provided to students at our branches serving low income areas

Who can help: Anyone!

Join a Teen Group


Stop in at your local branch and ask about the teen activities that take place at your library. Opportunities vary from branch to branch. 

Who can help: Anyone!

Contact The Columbus Metropolitan Library under the ‘Contact’ tab on the menu to your left to set up volunteer opportunities or service projects!

What is your organization’s mission statement?


Our purpose is to inspire readers, share resources and connect people.

What population do you serve? 


The library helps everyone! If you don’t have a library card, stop in at the branch closest to you. We have 22 branches throughout Franklin County.

How many do you serve in a year? 


There are 780,000 Columbus Library card holders, however our doors are open to all members of the general public. We have 6.5 million visits per year. We also have 78,000 visits to our homework help centers.

What region or area do you provide services in?


We serve most of Franklin County.

How and when did the organization get started? 


The Columbus Library started in 1873.  It began as a reading room, then we received a gift from Andrew Carnegie to build what is now our Main Library in 1907.

How many employees do you have? 


750 employees

How many volunteers does your organization have?       (click the “Service Projects” tab to learn more about volunteer opportunities)


2,185 volunteers each year

How do your programs or services help the community?


The community can engage with Columbus Metropolitan Library as much or as little as they like. We provide learning opportunities for children from birth to young adult. We provide access to the internet to students and adults who would not otherwise be able to access these tools. We provide a safe place for our customers to engage with us.

Program Descriptions 


Homework Help Centers: This is an after-school program for students from kindergarten to high school seniors to help them complete their homework. We make sure they understand the instructions, that they have the tools they need to complete their homework (including free printing), and staff and volunteers are available to check the homework and help out as needed.This is takes place in 22 branches.

Reading Buddies: This after school program is for young readers from kindergarten through third grade. Students read to volunteers and staff, and we help them when they struggle with the text. When the story is complete, the staff or volunteer ask the student comprehension questions to make sure they understand what they read. This takes place in 15-minute segments. This takes place in 21 locations.

StorytimesOur staff host reading activities to our youngest customers. This includes: Baby Laptime, Toddler Storytime and Family Storytime.  These activities are held multiple times each week at each of our 21 locations.

Life Skills:  This program is geared toward adults and is focused on helping them gain career enhancing computer skills, including writing resumes, cover letters and completing online employment applications. Whatever assistance our customers need, a bank of computers is reserved for work. This is featured at select branches where this service is needed.             

Ready to Read: This is a specialized team of employees who go into the homes of at-risk customers to help teach parents how to engage their children so they can help them prepare the youth for kindergarten. This group is broken into team who help customer in specific neighborhoods who sign up for the service.

Summer Reading Club: Summer Reading Club is to engage everyone from cradle to grave to read over the summer. School age children who read over the summer are better prepared in the fall to begin school again. Research shows that students who engage in reading programs over the summer need less review when school starts again in August. This program engaged over 82,000 children, teens and adults. Each location hosts several special programs that encourage learning throughout the summer.

YouMedia: A program where teens come to select locations and learn and experiment with video and all types of online multimedia tools.

Teen Engagement Groups: We are currently working on designing program for teens where they can develop leadership skills as they tackle an assortment of library-related projects. This is still in its infancy.

Teen Advisory Boards: Teen Advisory Boards (TABs) are primarily discussion groups for teens about books they’v read, activities in the libraries and social issues. They also host teen programs, such as puppet shows for younger customers, gingerbread houses at the holiday time, and a variety of activities at selected locations.


  • Volunteers for our Reading Buddies program. You must be 12 years old to join us. Stop by your branch to see if they have available volunteer openings. 
  • Start to plan to join us as a Summer Reading Club VolunTeen. Signup starts on May 1 at your neighborhood branch. Drop in at the branch to find out how to sign up. 

Name: Susan Wolford

Title: Volunteer Services Manager

Organization: Columbus Metropolitan Library


Work: (614) 849-1055

96 South Grant Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43215