Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio

Run a Collection Drive

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Coordinate a drive among friends, family or classmates to collect and donate items needed for our administrative duties.
  • office supplies and supplies for facility maintenance
  • food and serving supplies for meetings
Who can help: Anyone! 



The Cancer Support Community is always looking for people to help with a wide array of projects at our facility. These include answering phones, assisting with mailings, data base entry, marketing and PR, assisting our wellness chef in pre-class and class assistance, and helping at special programs or fund-raising events. We always have a job that can be done. 

Volunteers also help with outreach efforts. This may involve delivering information packets and assisting at various area health fairs or conferences. 

Who can help: Teens and Adults

Grounds for Hope™ Coffee, Your Chocolate Card, Driving for Awareness


Our distinctive Grounds for Hope coffee is available exclusively at all Central Ohio Giant Eagle grocery stores for $8.99 per bag. $3.00 from every bag purchased at Giant Eagle stores benefits our programs and services offered to everyone affected by cancer.

Your Chocolate Card is 1.25 ounces of chocolate wrapped in gold foil, with a second clear wrapper that can be used to insert a gift card or message.  They come in boxes of 100 for $300 and are perfect for businesses or holiday gifts.  $100 from every box sold is given back to the Cancer Support Community Central Ohio.

Purchase a specialized ovarian cancer awareness license plate for your car through our Driving for Awareness program and $25 from the purchase of every license plate goes to our Sheryl L. Kraner Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Education program at the Cancer Support Community Central Ohio.

Who can help: Teens and Adults

Contact Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio under the ‘Contact’ tab on the menu to your left to set up volunteer opportunities or service projects!

What is your organization’s mission statement?




Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio works to ensure that all people affected by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.

What population do you serve? 


We provide a full range of cancer wellness programs and services for all cancer patients, any diagnosis, any stage, their family members, and caregivers.

What region or area do you provide services in?


We provide a full range of cancer wellness programs and services in the Central Ohio region for all cancer patients, any diagnosis, any stage, their family members, and caregivers.

How and when did the organization get started? 


The Cancer Support Community began as The Wellness Community. It was founded by Dr. Harold Benjamin in Santa Monica, California in 1982. As a result of experience with his wife’s breast cancer and through subsequent years of study on the psychological and social impact of cancer, Dr. Benjamin formulated the Patient Active Concept. The Patient Active Concept encourages active participation in cancer treatment through friendship and community in order to enhance the quality of life and increase the chances for recovery.  In addition to the Patient Active Concept, the other significant cornerstone of our program is that all services are provided free of charge in a home-like, community setting.


How many employees do you have? 


We have 7 employees on staff.


How do your programs or services help the community?


Our programs and services are always provided at no cost, to ensure that we do not increase the financial burden of those already coping with life-threatening cancer diagnosis. We serve all cancer patients – any diagnosis, any stage – and their families and caregivers. Our comfortable setting helps people find a sense of community among others with whom they can share, learn and improve their quality of life.

Program Descriptions 


Support: Licensed therapists trained in psycho-oncology lead therapeutic support groups for cancer patients, family members / caregivers, and children whose lives have been affected by someone with cancer. Combined, our seasoned counselors and licensed experts have more than a century of experience in caring for the overall well-being of people affected by cancer. Our welcoming home-like environment helps connect people with each other, resulting in various improvements in confidence, wellbeing, stress, interpersonal comfort, and improved quality of life — so no one faces cancer alone. Support Groups offered include People Living With Cancer, Friends & Family Caregivers, Guy’s Night: Men Supporting Men, Breast Cancer Support Group, and Grief & Loss.

Healthy Lifestyles: Eating well is important for everyone, but it is essential for people living with, through and beyond cancer. Through our ongoing healthy lifestyle programs, which includes gentle movement and exercise, nutrition and cooking education, Cancer Support Community Central Ohio focuses on the importance of making healthy food choices, as well as the importance of increasing fitness levels, to positively affect Comprehensive Cancer Control, reduce risk and to enhance survivorship. Cancer survivors are often highly motivated to seek information about nutrition, food choices and cooking to improve their treatment outcomes, quality of life, and overall survival. Exercise provides a building block for better health, while stress management programs provide the tools to manage the journey and strengthen one’s mind as well as body.

Education: Renowned oncologists and experts from across the country present relevant information on a variety of cancer-specific topics, utilizing Frankly Speaking About Cancer® resources, the Cancer Support Community’s landmark cancer education series, providing sound medical and psychological information for cancer patients and their loved ones. Having trusted, easy to understand information that demystifies life with cancer can help those affected by cancer feel better about their choices and about managing their cancer care. A variety of cancer-specific resources are also available at no cost to program participants at our resource and education library.


CancerSupportSource™: Evidence suggests that identifying and providing programs to reduce the level of heightened distress that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis increases patient adherence to treatment recommendations, greater satisfaction with care, and a higher level quality of life. CancerSupportSource™ is a comprehensive web-based, validated distress screening program that integrates bio-psycho-social distress screening, referral and follow-up care by a Licensed Mental Health Professional. It provides a personalized support care plan for patients, survivors and loved ones, directing them to the most appropriate programs and services to meet individual needs.

Kid Support™: Cancer Support Community Central Ohio is the only Central Ohio provider offering this research-based, creative support program for children who have been affected by a cancer diagnosis of anyone they love — whether a parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend or themselves. KidSupport™ helps children reduce the stress of the cancer experience through creative activities, relaxation skills, increasing communication, and gaining age-appropriate knowledge of basic cancer concepts. Resources for both kids and parents such as books, articles, videos, pamphlets, online support, and video games are an additional component of the program. A program for parents of children affected by cancer is offered concurrently.

Off-Site Program Outreach: Cancer Support Community strategically identified goals to more effectively implement cancer wellness services to unserved/underserved residents. Through partnerships with Heart of Ohio Family Health Center’s two federally funded locations: Capital Park Family Health Center in the North Linden area and Whitehall Family Health Center, as well as locations in the Franklinton and Hilltop areas on the Westside, we are expanding cancer wellness services and programming making our cancer wellness programs more accessible.

Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio’s Wishlist:

  • Office supplies and supplies for facility maintenance
  • Food and serving supplies for meetings

Name: Debbie Beyer

Title: Director, Development & Marketing

Organization: Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio


Work: (614) 884-HOPE

Mobile: (614) 361-3517

1200 Old Henderson Rd
Columbus, OH 43220