Benefits of Engaging Youth in Service Learning


Understanding and Awareness

Through their own questions and research, youth learn why these problems exist in our community and what they can do to help.
“We are fortunate to often be invited for interviews. These interviews are some of the best dialogues I have about our organization.”  – Capital Area Humane Society


Through youth-led fundraising initiatives students learn that when everyone contributes just a little;
together, they can make a BIG difference.

“They are interested in making the world a better place. That means they are “activists” and will be very reliable adults.” – Adopt-a-Neighborhood


Through engagement in service projects, such as volunteering or advocacy campaigns, youth learn the value of giving in a tangible and postive way that gives them the experience of knowing they can do something about problems that they see.

“It encourages their spirit of helping others – and that the world is a better place because of them.” – Gift of Adoption